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Zaina Wealth Management is a financial services firm operating in Western Cape and Gauteng. Speak to us about our sound investment strategies and advice.

I Developed My Own Opinion:
“It was strange for me to realize that before joining the Zaina Wealth Internship Programme that I actually hadn’t developed my own opinion towards investing. In both my undergrad and Honours years I had been taught to think a certain way in the sense that my world of knowledge was, in many respects, fairly static. By analyzing world class managers who each took their own approach to stylistic investing, I began to figure out what worked and what didn’t. I then began to resonate with certain qualities and approaches of asset management and learnt to take a non-binary approach to investing. The very nature of this environment tends to be dynamic and there is no better place to develop that sense of robust thought than at Zaina Wealth. “

Friendly and Supportive:
“Joining the workforce for the first time can be very daunting and I couldn’t be more grateful that my first office experience was here at Zaina Wealth. The overall environment was relaxed, friendly and supportive. It’s the kind of place where the company Director will share his muffin with you during a coffee break (true story!).”

Seeing the Whole Business
“The beauty of working at a place like this is that it is small but open. I had opportunities to meet with fund managers, portfolio construction consultants, and clients. In essence I was allowed to gain exposure to all corners of the company which truly helped give me perspective on how a business is actually managed. I learnt so much more in my 6 months at Zaina Wealth than I ever could of learnt in a classroom. “

Personal Approach
“Being able to learn directly from the company Director is just not something that you can experience at one of the larger corporates. That kind of mentoring is such a unique experience and I can only give it my highest recommendation.”

— Callum

Mentor, Friend and Guider:
“I have only enjoyed working with at ZWM. Luciano has been my mentor, friend and guider. I have learnt to balance work and family whilst devoting time for everyone. Team managers have a talent to handle work pressure without letting it out on the team members and always encouraging staff and the interns. I have hardly known anyone with such great leadership quality.”

My Progression:
“I have now been at ZWM for 4 years – of which I hardly remember any day that I regret my stay here. I can’t wait to make use of my much-awaited opportunity, something of my field of experience, which I have been taught very well. I will always carry what I’ve learnt here onto my next chapter in life.”

Learning, learning, learning!
“I have learnt a lot from ZWM and my colleagues during my work here. It’s really nice to learn a lot of new things which would have not been possible without all their support. Learning new things will definitely add to my knowledge and profile. Not only professionally, but the overall friendly relationship has given me immense pleasure. I will always miss the morning chats and the daily office politics!”

— Qaqamba Biyo

“During my time at Zaina I was very fortunate to grow and learn about local and offshore investing. One of the more beneficial perks of interning at Zaina is that I was given the room to be able to achieve my academic goals and for that I am very thankful!”

Guidance & Support:
“Their guidance and support has prepared me well for the future and helped me develop the critical skills needed to succeed in the workplace. I can only hope that I will have the opportunity to work with Zaina in the future.”

— Luke

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